Todd Starnes’ Survey: Christians Have Lost the Culture War

” And the targets have been exclusively Christians. “

Apparently Todd Starnes has already forgotten the Sikh temple shootings in Wisconsin. Not to mention all the Muslims that were harassed and assaulted after 9/11.  Or various Native American tribes that have been prohibited from practicing their ancestral religions, despite our Constitution. Like most Protestant Bible-thumping fundamentalists, Starnes equates a lack of everybody sharing his particular brand of Christianity as an attack against religious liberty and loss of morality. Another modern-day Puritan who celebrates this land’s right to practice his religion, while attacking and disavowing the values of everyone else’s religion.

“Seventy percent of senior pastors at Protestant churches”

Protestant churches, where the heaviest Bible thumpers are. And least studied theologically. Being raised Catholic, I never gave much thought to the Protestant views, only knowing that Catholicism and Lutheranism were close enough that they could use the same catechism textbooks. Then my family’s parish gave out copies of Rome Sweet Home, chronicling Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s journey from Catholic-fearing Protestants to Catholicism. Scott, a Presbyterian minister trying to rationalize Protestantism and disprove the stance of Catholicism, begins to investigate the writings of many theologians, Catholic and Protestant. First Sola fide and then Sola Scriptura fall as the Catholic arguments hold and the Protestant arguments fail. They eventually come to the conclusion that Catholicism is the truest form of Christianity and convert.

But Starnes, of course, takes his cue from Sola Scriptura pastors who don’t study anything outside their specific denomination and those folk who get their sense of morality knowledge of Christianity exclusively from such pastors. Or those mega churches that put on weekly feel-good variety shows with a few Jesus trinkets in the gift shop for a thin veneer of Christianity so they can count as churches when the IRS comes knocking. Or maybe some other of the 25,000+ Protestant denominations that call themselves “Christian.”

Starnes thinks the problem is a lack of “Christian morals.” I propose that it’s an overabundance of definitions of “Christian morals” by religious egotists that has caused too many to get sick of the whole thing and stop caring about morality–at least, morality as the egotistical Christian sees it.

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