Having more Christian movies than any other religion isn’t enough for Christians

Over the past few decades, Christians (in movies) have been made to look like raving lunatics, fear mongers, and borderline terrorists. This treatment is the same from Hollywood as it is from the front pages of mainstream newspapers.


Here it is again: yet another Bible-thumper whining about “Christians have been made to look like raving lunatics, fear mongers, and borderline terrorists.” According to Bible-thumpers, we’re supposed to fight tooth and nail (and suffer) for the longest achievable life on this plane of existence because the Christians say (according to spin-doctored interpretations of spin-doctored translations of the Bible) we only live once. If Christian lawmakers would stop forcing everyone to stand in awe of death, we might actually get around to living.

Now, as to movies out of Hollywood: Apparently, we’ve already forgotten “The Passion of Christ,” and are conveniently ignoring “softer” Biblical treatments, such as “Bruce Almighy” and it’s sorta-sequel “Evan Almighty.” Not to mention Christian leading roles such as those in “The Blind Side” (I guess if you’re not telling one of the better-known Bible stories or thumping the Bible ever few minutes, it doesn’t count as “Christian”). Didn’t think that was Christian?  “Bullock initially turned down the starring role three times due to discomfort with portraying a devout Christian.”

Try connecting films to any other sacred texts: Let’s see, anything about the Prophet Mohammad? Not that I can remember. A significant Jewish viewpoint? Not since Fiddler on the Roof,   unless you want to count WWII movies, but they’re more about Nazi oppression for being Jews than anything about how Jews look at the world. Buddhism? Maybe every now and then a zen swordsman or kung-fu monk will talk about their worldview, but most people watch for the fighting. Hinduism? Bet you can’t name a movie that even mentions one of the Hindu gods, unless it’s being used as some codename for an operation or black tech.  Wiccanism? Either “evil” witches to be hunted down, or fantastic, Potter-esque magic far removed from the reality. Any of the native/tribal religions (often called “Shamanism,” for lack of a more precise name, and don’t exactly have “texts” because knowledge is passed by oral tradition)? Only if it’s reduced to “ouga-chucka, ouga-chuck,” fanciful masks, and dancing with rattles. In other words, made such a farce of, one can’t really say it reflects the religion at all. I bet, taken together, they won’t match the number of movies with strongly Christian overtures. So STOP WHINING ALREADY.

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