Unbelievable: “snowflake meltdown” after riding jeep with replica gun at parade

“Why was that necessary, sir? My child didn’t need that today. Don’t care what your position is on second amendment that is completely unnecessary.”

–Pastor Johnny Lewis of Shawnee Community Christian Church, Kansas

What would this snowflake think if he learned that the first firearm I ever held was at just such an event?

Around my neck of the woods, the biggest parade all year is the Bonduel 4th of July parade, and the “picnic” that follows. The highlight of the picnic is the fireman’s fights (popularity varies directly with the temperature), but there’s plenty else going on.

This includes a display put on by the Clintonville National Guard. One year, when I was around five or six (and my big sister was relatively new to the Army Reserves), they let kids have a chance to shoot an M16. Back then, the M16 was still a bit exotic; I think all civilian weapons were still wood stocks and such back then (you know, what today’s gun-grabbers think the only tolerable civilian guns ought to be). We waited in line, and one by one, a Guardsman would have us get down on one knee, put the gun in our hands, show us how to hold it, let us aim it at something above us (they were set up under a tree with lots of convenient leaves to target), and pull the trigger. Then go find the shell.

I was too young and naive to understand or care that only gas was coming out the muzzle, I had it in my head it was the shell that came out and remember thinking when I found it that it was an odd place for where I had aimed. I poked it onto a leaf and carried it by that leaf until it was cool enough to hold directly.

I still have that shell today. (Along with a shell from the color guard of the parade that I participated in as State Miss Poppy.) Sometimes I wonder if the Guard still does stuff like that, or if/when they stopped. (Since I haven’t been to the Bonduel parade in years, I don’t even know if the National Guard is still invited, given the snowflake anti-gun climate that’s developed since the 1980’s.)

I will say, as I’ve said in other posts, that a good chunk of the reason people are so paranoid about having guns around is because they’re not exposed to them as children. When are we going to do something about that?


Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/06/04/kansas-gubernatorial-hopeful-calls-out-snowflake-meltdown-after-riding-jeep-with-replica-gun-at-parade.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+foxnews%2Fpolitics+%28Internal+-+Politics+-+Text%29

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