Looking for the Keys Where the Light’s Good.

There’s this old joke about a guy looking for his keys under a streetlamp:

A passerby comes along and offers to help. After several minutes of fruitless looking, the passerby asks where the guy lost his keys.

“In that alley” (or “my apartment,” in some versions.)

“Then why are you looking here?” the passerby asks.

“The light’s better here.”


This is, unfortunately, the ways the Government often deals with danger. Take cadmium, for example.  If you’re an artist, you know cadmium as the pigment responsible for a range of colors from warm red to yellow. Though there might conceivably be a teensy-tiny risk to the artist, once the painting’s done it’s pretty much sealed off and harmless to everyone.

What you might not know is that it could also be in your jewelry box. Recent tests on jewelry sold in common discount retailers (Ross, Papaya, and the like) found some of them were up to 100% cadmium. The common factor isn’t the price point, but the source: “made in China.” (Is anyone surprised?)*

Cadmium’s also been found in drinking water and food, though how it’s getting there isn’t quite so straightforward.

California (naturally) has been slapping warning labels on cadmium-pigmented paints for a few years, now. And many manufacturers are proudly proclaiming their paints as “cadmium-free.” It looks like we may be heading toward an outright ban on cadmium-pigmented paints. (Whether enough die-hard fans of cadmium will carve out an exception for artist-grade paints, as they did with lead, remains to be seen.)

Whether this will have any effect on the increasing levels of cadmium in our bodies is dubious, at best.

But that’s where the light is better.


*Source: Dr. Mark Stengler <HouseCalls@newmarkethealth.com> [Warning] The ONE holiday gift you should NEVER give

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